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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the three photos released by police show what detectives believe is a white male with a slim build. and dressed in dark clothing wearing a gray-hooded sweatshirt n. one picture, he appears to be pulling a shopping cart. >> he accosted the employee this morning and the call came out about 4:17 in the morning and he demanded money. received money from the business. it appears he took the victim, went out to the parking lot area. again, it's a little ambiguous at this point a unclear why that happened, but the victim was ultimately shot in the upper body. >> reporter: a few minutes later, the fire department received a call for a car on fire. in a residential neighborhood, adjacent to the shopping center. investigators believe it was used as a getaway car, but declined to release the make or model. >> i can tell you the vehicle was fully engulfed and we're treating it as a possible suspect vehicle at the time. >> this wal-mart off of the baltimore washington parkway is opened around the clock and
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it's unclear how many shoppers and employees were inside at the time of the robbery. and a wal-mart spokesperson said he's part of the team. employees were given access to counselors if they feel the need. we have an update on the vehicle. the county police have now released more information about on that vehicle. now describing it as a dark similarred van and not giving us anymore information. call 911 if you recognize the man. >> and just to clarify here, do police believe there could be a connection between this gunman and someone else in the store? >> not that they know of at this point. what we know and what police told us, we know nothing about whether or not there might have been a relationship. this appears to be a commercial robbery and that is how the police are describing it at this hour. >> all right, paul wagner,
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thank you, paul with the latest. breaking news, a school bus crashed. it appears the truck or suv may have crashed into bus. the police say nearly 40 students who go to barack obama academy were on the bus and no one was hurt. another big story, president obama facing tough questions about this spiraling sex scandal at the top of the national security team. in his first news conference since the elect, the president drew the line against extending tax cuts for the wealthy and had an emotional defense of his ambassador to the united nations who is under fire for her comments on libya. fox 5s tom fitzgerald was in the newsroom for that session. a lot of ground for to you cover, f itz, and the president for that matter. >> reporter: i was in the east room. >> there you go. >> reporter: the one and only light moment in this news conference was when the president said flatly there was so much going on and he almost
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couldn't remember the election the last week. clearly, the dominant subject here today was the general petraeus sex scandal. >> sure. >> reporter: and what this did to the cia. throughout the course of the news conference today, the president discussed several issues that are going on in the nearly week now snce the election as we told you. the president said that he did not believe the sex scandal, which forced the resignation of cia director david petraeus and ensnared afghanistan commander general john allen has threatened national security in the president's words, he said he is reserving judgement for now over whetr the fbi should have revealed the investigation leading into petraeuss resignation before last week's election. >> i have no evident at this point, from what i have seen, that classified information was disclosed, that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. obviously, there is an ongoing
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investigation. i don't want to comment on the specifics of the investigation. the fbi has its own protocols in terms of how they proceed. >> reporter: well, the other big question -- . >> well, the other big question, fitz is the fiscal cliff. sequestration begins at the end of the year. what is the president's approach? is there anything different on what he's willing to accept? >> this is a one-two on this issue. if the democrats and republicans agree on the hill that tax cuts should be extended for the middle class and that is something they should go ahead and do. on the other hand, the president was adamant today that he was not going to go along with another extension of the bush tax cuts for people and families making over $250,000 in the president's word, that would be holding the middle class hostage. >> i'm confident the parties, folks in both parties can make
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that happen. what i'm not going do is to extend bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% that we can't afford and, according to economists, will have the least positive impact on our economy. >> reporter: what is important to remember about that is almost two years ago, the president flatly said he was not going to go along with extending bush tax cuts for families making more than $250,000 a year. the president was asked again today. he said listen, that was a one- time situation. the president's words, the country is in a much different place economically, he said, than it was then and keep in mind, the president is not facing voters ever again, will. so this is a situation where the president said this time he means what he says, and we're going to have to see the next six weeks whether he backs it up. >> all right, tom fitzgerald, thanks for the update. shawn. within five years, d.c.
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hopes to create 100,000 new jobs and bring in more than $1 billion in revenue. it's a big goal and big number. is it possible? if so, will the jobs go to locals who need them? fox 5s matt ackland has more on d.c.'s economic equipment strategy. >> reporter: the sweet sound of construction can be seen all over the district. all you have to do is look at the cranes currently building massive structures. the mayor wants more construction and more jobs. >> this is the full plan. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray presented details with the five- year economic development plan with the o street market redevelopment project taking place behind him. >> this created 400 construction jobs and there will be 400 now full-time positions. >> reporter: gray's plan is massive, attracting a new medical center, possibly making d.c. the new silicon valley and gray said that investors want a piece of this plan. d.c. city center is now being built on the old convention
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center lot in downtown d.c. it's one of the most expensive, largest sites in all of the district. it was financed by investors in cutter and now, mayor gray said the same investors are looking for other projects. >> if you don't have a ph.d or master's degree, can you forget it. >> and. >> reporter: they worry about the unemployed d.c. residents in need of a good job and may not be qualified under gray's plans. >> they go on the job market. oh, wow. >> reporter: the mayor said his plan includes employee -- employing district residents in many trades and with the goal of 100,000 jobs, there should be plenty go around. in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 ne. the largest casino in
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maryland announced it will nearly double the size of the workforce. other changes are ahead for the huge maryland live casino at arundel mills. this flows from the approval of question 7 by you, maryland voters. fox 5s john men rehan has more on this one. john? >> reporter: the cornish companies, they operate maryland life, and had mixed feelings about question 7. they despised the expansion of gambling into prince georges county because that is going to hurt their business and they love the edition of table games and they're moving to quickly interviews them. >> you have to know when to hold them. >> reporter: david cordish came in smiling. he was escorted by some of the -- smiling. he was escorted by some of the hostesses by maryland live. maryland live is the third largest casino in the united states. and on november 6th, maryland voters changeed a lot of the rules for gaming and opening the door to table games with
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human dealers. although state regulators have not issued the final rules, the chordish companies are moving ahead now to beef up the workforce. >> what we're really here to announce among other things is the commencement of the hiring of 100 new employees, which when added to employees here, will bring us close to 3, 000 employees. >> reporter: partnershipping with anne arundel community college, the casino will offer a free, 12-week course that will teach local residents how to be dealers at black jack tables or how to operate a roulette station. currently live, they close at 2:00 a.m. on weekdays and 4:00 a.m. on weekends. they want to offer 24 hours a game. they believe the edition of human-operated table games will bring in new customers who are not particular fans of the current electronic gambling
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devices here and we asked current customers if it was true. >> that is nice. i like it with human dealers. it feels like a casino. >> reporter: paula dunson was having a good day at the roulette table. >> what did you win? >> one,102 mortgage. >> reporter: she prefers electronic gaming to human operators. >> why do you prefer playing electronically? >> because you have inexperienced employees who don't know how to do it and take too long to pay you. get it over with and get home. >> seven, eight, nine, 3,000. >> before getting home on this day, paula got lucky again and this time to the tune of $3,600. and there is a few months of mortgage payments there. maryland live plans to offer both in the future, the current electronic games and 150 human dealers and operators on duty. the best guess is to when the
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table games will arrive. next year. for information on the free dealer classes, check out our website at will? >> and. a brand-new payout shows that he could be in the favor to seek an encore term as governor. they surveyed voters in the commonwealth. a majority would support the democratic senator against the lieutenant governor or attorney general ken kuccinelli. warner served as virginia's governor from 2002-2006 and he will decide by thanksgiving whether to seek another term. get ready to pay more to drive on the dulles toll road. they voted to raise one-way rates by 50 cents in 2013. and they will go up another 75- cents in 2014. the current one-way fair is $2.25 and 2345 that extra money will be used to make phase 2.
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a news alert out of mount rainier. the police are trying to i.d. a man who was shot this morning. officers were called here to 37th street about in the morning for the sounds of gun shots. when they got there, they found a man shot several times. he was taken to the hospital and police are trying to identify him. no word on request any lookout information or a motive in the killing. coming up tonight, d.c. mayor vince gray responds to a plan to close more than a dozen public schools. >> plus, it's happened again. this time in maryland. a bus driver in trouble after going ballistic on a passenger. >> and a little later, we'll show you how this bus is raising awareness about a debilitating disease. gary. >> and thanks, shawn. pretty good today with the sunshine and that is stayed on the chilly side and that is going to for awhile. a first look at the forecast is coming up. ming up.  
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. montgomery county school officials turned down a request to recognize a islamic holy day next year. they want the district to honor a day next october with an official day off from the school calendar. school officials declined saying they didn't see a sharp decline in attendance to permit a full day off for all students. the school officials say muslim students can't take the day off as an excused holiday. the council on the american islamic relations committee released this statement regarding a decision and saying
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they understand it would not be feasible to close for every holiday, but they believe they should determine which holidays are granted school closings. nearly two dozen d.c. public schools are targeted to be shut down. they released a list of proposed closures yesterday. under the plan, five schools would close in ward 5 and 7 and four schools in ward 8. no schools will close in wards 1 or 3. d.c. mayor vincent gray weigh-in today. >> that is why we say consolidation. consolidation is a much better term. people hear the term closing and they think that doors are shuttered and windows boarded up. that is not true in a lot of instances. >> the school system said closing the schools will better utilize the facilities. the washington teacher's union is also addressing school closings. nathan saunders is the president of the washington
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teachary union. mr. saunders, good to you have here. >> a pleasure to be here. >> and let's talk about what i view as a headline. you want d.c.'s charter schools to unionize and tell us about the link here. >> there is a reason why they're being shuttered or consolidated and closing. part of the reason, we have an aggressive charter school law, which competes with public schools for students. as a result, the schools that we used to have and in washington d.c., have public school students and have 60% of them. >> and part of your concern is the ability or option for your members to work at these schools that are closing down. if they should reopen as charter schools, right? that is right. >> and they have to be union for your members to do that. >> they don't have to be union, we want them to be union. >> otherwise you would be a member, right? yes. our members want to maintain a
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union and a district of columbia and being able is to organize schools is one of four things. there are going to be efficiencies secured as a result of closed schools. there is going to be some money saved, and we want the money saved to be used for a well- rounded education program, which would include a art music, pe teachers being moved into a cat doory -- category of a fixed budget. we want families to be better served starting immediately and in the district of columbia as a result of some of the changes that the mayor and chancellor are recommending. >> and let me button up the charter school issue here. it's difficult in the city. there is a law that does not make the city enter into public bartering agreements with public charter schools, right? >> that's correct. those are some of the changes we need to look at. teachers are requiring that we review those changes in that
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area, and we want to make sure that wages are an issue here, security and retirements. >> one last thing before we say goodbye is, you know, when these schools reopen, or if new schools open, you want these displaced teachers who may live in the neighborhoods where they teach, to be given a first shot at the jobs and these schools that they should reopen, correct? >> that is fair to do that. because most of the teachers are rated effective and highly effective. they have a relationship with children and that leads them to producing better score and products than with the brand now teachers. >> and the teachers are often a part of the community. you think that probably helps as well? >> yes, it does. >> okay, nathan saunders, washington teacher's union, thank you for coming in, sir. >> a pleasure. >> i appreciate it. >> back to you, shawn. a baltimore bus driver is suspended after getting into a
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big fight with a teenage girl. the passenger recorded this video and said the fight started over music. a witness said the bus driver stopped the bus, went to the back and confronted the passenger. the witness said when the passenger tried to get off of the bus, the bus driver hit her. mta officials are reviewing the video. >> i'll tell you what, look at that clear, beautiful day out there. it's gorgeous. you wouldn't know it's chilly. >> it is chilly but after the days where we have like 70. >> foiled -- foiled. >> no complaints, right? and this is where we should be. it's going to be chilly tomorrow and there is a chance. not a lot of sunshine but we'll stay dry. the clouds are working in late this afternoon and this is high and thin. they block out some of the sunshine, but not much. that will be the case overnight
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tonight and again tomorrow as well. 45 in up to. gaithersburg dropped for the 30s. winchester hits -- and dropped to the 30s. obviously, with the evening forecast, it will be colder in the suburbs and in the 30s and into the next hour or so and looks like we're in for a fairly dry run here. when there a chance for rain? we'll talk about the full forecast coming up. >> see you in a few. and as we continue here on the 5, trouble for two-time olympian hope solo. find out why her fiance was arrested on the day before the race. scott. >> and the biweek was good for just about everyone in the redskins locker room. with seven games to go, rg3 didn't know it was possible but he's coming back hungrier. that is next. >> i like the sound of that. bring it on. >> and if you have a story idea, call the fox 510line at
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202- 8 error 95-3,000 or
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. the redskins are back from the biweek. more refreshed and more refocused. up next, a visit from the eagles. sports director scott smith is here with the skins game week preparation, scott? >> reporter: the biweek helped the mood in the locker room. the players were in good spirits after the practice. the time off helped them clear well heads. the carolina loss was a tough one to take. they called the game a must win and disappointed they could not pull it off, but a chance to do something about it this week against the eagles. robert griffin 3 wouldn't divulge where he spent his biweek and had to get away from the familiar settings. he went away. he said he is coming back hungrier for wins and lunch as
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well. i am really hungry right now, talking to you guys. >> i didn't say it, people. he did. eat fresh. i thought i was hungry before the biweek. you come back and realize how much more energy you have having that week off. getting away and not seeing guys, not that you don't want to see them. just to come back with more energy and you know everyone is looking at me to be the guy and make everything work. >> and over the biweek, they voted for additional captains. and now joining trenton williams, fletcher and alexander as team captains. shawn? >> thank you very much. quarterback tim tebow is the victim of bullying, at least by one teammate n. a recent introductions the new york jets defensive guard spoke out saying the backup quarterback is, quote, terrible and that tebow doesn't come close to performing as well as
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starter mark sanchez. well, guess what? currently sanchez is not doing well either. his completion rate ranks the worst in the nfl at 52%. >> it was not that one, there were a couple of players but kept their names out of the article. they didn't want to be named yet. they're hating on tebow there. >> and slausson, who is he? even our sports producers are like this is not at the level of the tebow. the endorsement. i say be careful. karma will come back to get you. >> that is true. when we comeback, we will take you inside a pub that donates 100% of the profits to charity. we have the answer coming up in laura's like. >> plus, black friday battle. an employee pushes back against the plan to open stores earlier than ever. an ever.
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. it's time for our latest installment of laura's likes and it's about the holidays. laura will show you how to raise your glass for a cause, track illnesses before you travel and a website to make your life easier, especially during the busy holiday season. i understand this is the thanksgiving edition of laura's lakes -- likes? >> it's the thanksgiving edition and we're starting with the giving in thanksgiving. a brand-new pub that opened up in town and that is called cause. >> uh. >> and it's amazing. three weeks old today and actually call themselves's phil an 32 pod. they -- philanthropod. all profits, 100% are donated to charity. the cause was a dream six years in the making for the two owners, one of whom was a peace corpses and americorps volunteer. >> there is a great few organizations out there, and we need to find new ways to get money and exposure to the organizations and that is like people will make time to go out
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and make a place to have a lot of fun. >> and when you pay your bill, you decide when of the three organizations you want your money to go to. the charity's change every quarter at the end of each quarter, they will release the numbers so you can see how much money was donated altogether. their goal is to give 100,000 a year and create exposure for the beneficiaries and much of the pub was built by hand and by the guys who opened it. the decor is mostly donated. all of the arts inside and that is harvey milk, for sale. >> how do the owners make money giving it away? >> right, they pay for the overhead and everything. and they don't draw salary and they say they have their side jobs. what is the point in taking money if it's to give it away? >> the biggest chal edge is to give more money away and have side jobs. >> what a great concept.
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>> and that is great. so, if you haven't heard about this, live-- offers tricks, tips, and downloads forgetting things done, making your life easier. every day, there is something now in a variety of different categories. i found a ton of tips to prepare for thank you thanksgiving dinner or travel. check this out. how to make garlic easy to peel. microwave it. the article spells out how to do it. pop it in the mike radio rowave, zap it for a few seconds and the garlic cloves squeeze out. who knew? when you're prepping thanksgiving meal, what about this? how to fix food too salty and there are great tips if you're traveling for the holidays. a found an article on the best place to hide your valuables in your house and what about this one? a hinged canvass picture to hide your alarm pad. you could spend hours peusing the pad and this is a site you
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will want to know about, just as doppler radar scans the skies for bad weather, sick weather scans social networks for indicators of illness allowing you to check for a chance of sickness as easily as you would check for rain in the forecast. can you look for a variety of common illnesses from allergies to's cough, cold, flu, pink eye. you pick the zip code and put the map in motion and the area where the outbreak is detect side highlighted and that is gathered from facebook and twitter. and graham dod used semantic analysis and picking up key words as people talk about their illnesses. john's hopkins did the own study and found that twitter is reliable in tracking emillnesses, and it is generally two weeks ahead of the cdc. >> how much does it cost? >> it's free. >> oh. and i will tell you, too
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for the average person, it can help you be proactive. if you're going california, can you see if there is a outbreak of a flu or cold and arms you in case. >> nice to be informed. >> yes. >> especially in advance. >> yes. >> and love laura's likes today. >> thank you. >> thank you, laura. forget black friday, black thursday is more and more popular. tracy burns has one woman's plan to make it go away. >> reporter: a california target employee is telling the company to keep the doors shut. casey saint clare is leading the charge to stop target from opening at 9:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day so workers can stay home and spend time with families. she's the brains behind an online petition that has already brought in more than 200,000 supporters. and not everyone is in favor. >> you have 23 million people
5:36 pm
out of work or underemployed, i don't think this is the year to make this to do about it. >> reporter: with the economy struggling to get back on track, companies count on the holidays to boost sales. in 2011, black friday weekend accounted for 11% of total holiday spending. >> and with the economy failing, all americans should play their part and they should go to work that day and spur the economy and go spend pony -- mean. >> reporter: target is not the only one starting early. toys "r" us, wal-mart, sears, and the gap. a few opening before you're done with thanksgiving dessert. and log on to for more. in new york, i'm tracy burns. coming up, capitol hill workers grill the people involved in the meningitis outbreak. >> and wait until you hear how many cases go indiagnosed. nose
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. a fox 5 weather alert now. half of the people estimated to have diabetes have not been diagnosed yet. that is according to the international diabetes federation. they estimate 187 million people don't know they have the disease. and diabetes is linked to obesity and a lack of exercise. it's spreading quickly in poor countries alongside urbanization. they're trying to get to the bottom of the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak. the house committee is holding a hearing to determine why hundreds of people were given contaminated steroids. the owner and director of the pharmacy linked to the drugs pleaded the fifth today. the wife of one victim testified about her family's heartbreaking ordeal. >> whoever is responsible i want them to know their lack of attention to their duties cost my husband his life.
5:42 pm
cost my family cost them a loss we'll never recover from. >> 32 people died and more than 400 others became sick. it's an inflammatory disease that infects millions of people. coming up, we'll tell but the new nationwide effort to raise awareness about lupus. >> and a local transportation official unveils new tools to tackle the roads come winter time. >> and a chilly temperatures are not exactly like, you know, winter weather, snow temperatures just yet. gary's back with the extended forecast in a bit. 
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. the olympic foundation of america is rolling out a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the disease. a 45-foot bus features interactive exhibits that will help thousands of americans experience what it's like to face lupus first hand.
5:46 pm
sandra raymond, the president and ceo of the lupus foundation of america joins me and we're live outside of our fox 5 studios. thank you very much for joining us today. >> my pleasure. my pleasure. >> we'll talk about the bus in just a moment. >> sure. >> what is lupus? who is affected by lupus and why this need to make sure everyone knows about it? >> lupus is a chronic auto immune disease. it ravages the body. can you have a skin rash or a heart attack. it's -- it affects mainly women. >> uh-huh. >> ninety% of all cases are women and women of color are especially at risk. >> is there a cure? >> there is no known cause and no known cure. >> you're rolling out this incred 45-foot bus. we're inside and it's outside. let's talk about the different things that people will see along -- inside the exhibit. >> okay. >> if they're out here. >> all right. >> what are some of the highlights? >> it's interesting. we have the presenting as here where, for example, you're seeing a young child. >> uh. >> who is talking to her mother
5:47 pm
and got out of the hospital. >> okay. >> and she sees her mother is tired. we have exhibits of spouses and children, et cetera, talking about the disease. >> and this is what i thought was cool here. >> yes. >> if you look at this, if can you see this here, you can't see it now. >> right. >> and you have some special -- . >> we do. >> like 3d glasses. to decode. >> and this is that answer. >> which organization gaap can be affected by lupus? >> any of them. >> we have a body poster. you stand in front here and you're going to -- you see the dot? >> i so the dot. >> the dots point to crisis on the -- places on the body. >> okay. >> you raise your hand and -- if i have a dot that hits my lugs, it explains how it hits
5:48 pm
it. it hits the organ system and will explain it. our kidney ireneal system. causes inflaming a in the kidneys, making them unable to properly remove the waste from the body. >> very cool. >> the reproductive system. >> for those of you familiar with video games, it's like the xbox kinect. >> it is. >> and these are all of the great stories. so many different interactive haven'ts. >> yeah, yeah. >> and -- . >> and we taking this tour to 10 cities. >> okay. >> we'll be back to the washington, d.c., area in a couple of months. >> okay. >> starting in in san francisco and going across the country. >> sandra raymond, thank you very much appreciate you bringing out the bus and making all of us aware today. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a pleasure. back to you. >> all right, shawn, get off of that bus. we need you back in here. when a child needs to see a doctor, you don't expect to wait months and months for a appointment. that is whatha is happening to
5:49 pm
children across the country n. a fox 5 investigation, sherri ly looks at the problem and the impact of the critical delays. >> reporter: pediatricians tell fox 5 the shortage of doctors for kids is a medical crisis they is growing worse. in many parts of the country, children have no pediatrician in their immediate area. the shortage is compounded by the lack of what is called subspecialists. these are the doctors that treat kids with more severe medical conditions, kids like oswaldo sanchez. he has cerebral palsy. after undergoing surgery on his legs, it took four months to get into physical therapy. >> he is so determined to get around to walking, and -- faster help, he's probably going to walk by himself. >> we'll tell what you is behind the severe pediatrician shortage tonight on fox 5 news at 10. will? >> thank you, i'm just looking at the grass on the screen there. 45 degrees and what was the high today, it was hardly 50 degrees. >> nobody, i mean we just
5:50 pm
checked and it was not 50 anywhere. >> yeah. >> 49 for national and dulles, 46. >> we would have been talking about really, really raw outside. the sunshine and lighter winds helped us out a bit and listen, i think you should get used to this. it's 45 now and he was cheating a bit. culpeper, 37. we have the high, mid-level clouds and we'll have clouds this evening. the temperatures dropping out there and, again, it does look like it's going to be a chilly trend. a little warmer as we get into friday and saturday, still below normal. the high pressure is feeding in the colder air from up north and that is looking like
5:51 pm
tomorrow and more cloud cover. 49 degrees and pretty much where we were today. 53. a little warmer on friday. so, won't that be nice. with a little bit of high to mid-level cloudiness coming on through and that will be what we have overnight tonight. i think tomorrow as well and there is going to be some sunshine tomorrow. don't get me wrong. it will be significantly more cloud cover tomorrow than what we had today. as you look back to the southwest, all of this is kind of feeding up in our direction, so at least one day out of the next couple of days, we'll end up with clouds and sun. looks better as we get into friday. the clouds will be over the top of us tonight but not quite acting like a blanket to keep the temperatures a little bit warmer overnight tonight. we'll go 36 here in town. which is where we were this morning. we're pretty much where we were this morning. we were down to the mid-30s, and out of the suburbs, it will be 32 and below. so, really, another cold night
5:52 pm
out there. tomorrow we'll wake up and it's going to start off chilly. forty degrees there and we'll have the progression of clouds and sun tomorrow. the temperatures warming up only into the mid- to upper 40s. it depends on how much in the way of sunshine you do end up getting. fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, a little bit warmer on friday with a temperature of 53 degrees. and saturday, 54. saturday afternoon and evening, we're going to have some late clouds and that is looking better, drier as we get into sunday and monday. and instead, it's subtle and instead of saying a few showers, we're saying spotty showers. how about that? >> and that is nice. right now, wednesday, we think that is the big travel day before thanksgiving, it's not
5:53 pm
lookingba too bad. >> good. >> and the difference between a few showers and spotty is? >> one or two. [ laughter ] >> like a cute weatherman, right? yeah. >> and sufficiently vague. >> thank you, gary. >> thanks, gary. the virginia department of transportation is gearing up for the winter weather with a few new tools. the state has 4,000 trucks and plows this year, compared to 2,000 five years ago. v-dot has a brand-new weather station on where it can tell the officials how slick the roads are and they use the exact right amount of chemicals. also new this year, a web tool letting residents follow the plowing status in their area. >> and once there is more than two inches of snow on the ground, that will be open to the public and the public can say whether we started plowing in the neighborhood with our -- whether plowing is in process or whether plowing has been completed. >> and there is a new 22,000- ton salt dome near the beltway and van dooren street and v- dot's goal is to clear all of
5:54 pm
the roads in 48 hours and they say 24 is ideal. at the white house today, the sex scandal sequestration and possible secretaries of state. all hot topics in the president's first post-election news conference. the strong response to the tough questions. and in the wake of sandy, utilities slapped with a class- action lawsuit after 100 still remain without power. >> and a line of faith by a -- leap of faith by a group of wounded warriors. those and more just ahead on the news edge six.
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no appointment necessary. find a clinic near you at . a confessed killer is indicted in the 1979 disappearance of etan pate. hernandez confessed to the killing. he is mentally ill and has hallucinations. trouble brewing for a two- time olympian hope solo.
5:58 pm
one day before her wedding, her fiance, the former until player jeremy stevens was arrested on suspicion of assaulting the soccer star. they were arguing over where they were going to live after they got married. the police say both solo and her brother claimed it was a fight between other people. stevens and solo appeared in court yesterday. -- yesterday. >> we take domestic violence assaults seriously. >> there was no evidence at all and know to indicate she was assaulted and no evidence she was assaulted by mr. stevens. >> another person was treated for a hip injury. day two for the ohio woman forced to wear a sign as punishment forgetting -- driving on the sidewalk to get around a stopped school bus. d judge ordered her to stand with a sign reading only an idiot with stand -- drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. the judge was not pleased saying she was not sufficiently holding up the sign and was
5:59 pm
missing the point. >> she looks thrilled, doesn't she? >> it's a creative punishment. >> yeah. >> and hopefully she'll get the point. >> i'm not sure she does. thank you for joining us tonight at 5. >> the news edge is coming your way right now. >> what i'm not going to do is to extend voice tax cuts for the wealthiest -- . >> y want a good deal. a comprehensive deal. >> aggressively answering repeated and up answered questions so far during his first post-election press conference. among the top issues, sex scandals, the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and the looming fiscal cliff. tom fitzgerald joins us now. there is a lot discussed today? >> reporter: there was, brian. the initial thought heading into this that the petraeus scandal would


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